Month: April 2016

A little dignity please.

To whom it may concern.
Do not question her income because it is too small at the present time to matter. She finally has an employer in Texas who values her worth and when she is well enough, she will have a semi-decent income.
You know she has lost her last adrenal gland in a recent surgery? She is already dealing with diabetes that is very expensive to manage and other health issues.
I have personally paid many thousands of dollars to help keep Liz alive. She has received medical care from some agencies after my payments for whatever the doctors have requested as appointment costs.
My personal money has paid for her Rent, some food, Many many many different medicines, medical tests, moving expenses,  utilities,  local transportation for her and her son, fire code violations in her new apartment, additional security fees, a few items of clothing, probation fees (for two counties), urine analysis (she has never been charged with drug usage). She was totally innocent at the time of her arrest because she knew nothing of the drugs that her son had in his possession. I have paid my state and federal taxes for these expenses. They are not deducted by me as a gift.
A judge in Abilene sent her son to SafeP for dubious reasons. He was drug free for over three years even as he was sent away. She is alone except for a local cousin who helps a minimal amount.
Again today she writes me about being worried about being arrested for some minor violation.
The police, judges, lawyers; including her initial public defender, probation officers, fire department inspectors have all gone out of their way to dent her will to go on.
At the very least she needs food stamps to help sustain some kind of healthy diet because of her diabetes.
At most she needs to be released from probation either early or completely because of her initial innocence.
Her life is in shambles because she wanted to help her son in 2012. She has been given no credit what so ever.