The not so Honorable Thomas Wheeler (R)

August 22, 2016.

Entered Office: 01-01-2005Term Ends: 12-31-2016District: 350

General Information

Profession: JudgeHome Town: Abilene

Dear sir,

Liz Craig is now your responsibility.

This woman is and was innocent of any knowledge of the drug paraphernalia wrapped up in her son’s belongings at the time of their arrest. Sean, her son, offered to sign an affidavit stating his complete and total guilt at that time in 2012. 

In the last few months Liz has been trying to get an early release from her six year probation arrangement. You have refused and placed more burden on Liz. You know that she has in the last few weeks had to have part of her left foot amputated, making her a disabled American Citizen!!! But there is no freedom for Liz in your mind. The six year probation deal is a firm contract. How noble of you.

Please be advised that when you take over responsibility for her care in one of your jails that she has diabetes, high blood pressure, a cholesterol issue and of course learn how to walk with part of one foot missing. Once when she was in jail in Houston after being picked up for another false accusation she had a mini stroke because the insulin they provided was inadequate for her condition.


My name is Dennis Barron

I have spent well over $50,000 of my own pay, pension and 401k to try to let Liz live in some kind of normal decent life. However her health conditions and your lack of compassion have made me decide that you need to become her custodian.

Liz and I will be adding more to this post and site in the coming days. I can be contacted via comments on the site and will be available to speak with anyone who can be of assistance.

Many of the details of Liz and Sean’s experience are described in the other posts.

Thank you.

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