Hello. I’m Dennis. A normal guy.

I started a website WeWantJustice.org.  It’s about a family being abused by the system in Abilene Texas. They let Elizabeth twist in the wind with a six year probation for a crime she didn’t commit.  She and her son were found with drugs after a stop for a broken headlight. Yes there were drugs but she had no idea. They were in her son’s belongings. Instead of charging just one of them with the possession, they were both assumed guilty.

What do you do with no money, no lawyer, no family support. After three months in jail she took a probation bargain, not really one, but why spend another year in jail before trial?

The site is not up to date, except that she is still on probation and no early release from this nightmare has occurred.

Please read and comment.

Thank you,


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